Managed IT Services for Business

Every business does!  Managed IT services help small and medium-sized companies take control of their IT at a fraction of the cost to hire somebody in house.  Ascendant can develop a management plan that works for your company.  We are willing to work with your business; however, you feel we fit best.

Managed IT Services Packages

Choosing the best package to manage your IT environment for your business is easy.  Ascendant's essentials packages will keep an eye on your systems, inform you of any underlying risks, regular patching, antivirus, and a discounted hourly rate.  Ascendant's Pro packages will give you everything the Essentials offers plus cloud backup services and unlimited onsite and remote IT services for those businesses that require more then a couple hours of support a month (95% of our client base).  Ascendant will work with you based on your needs, the decision is always in your hands.  No hard selling, no gimmicks.  We always have room for one more happy client.  We are revolutionizing New Jersey's IT environment one business at a time.

Ascendant is a full rounded IT department for your business.  Ascendant takes the lead by protecting company assets from hackers, spam, malware.  We can offer support for all staff members as needed via our support desk.  Aging hardware becoming a risk? We can even manage IT projects for your business from ordering to the implementation.  We would love to get to know your business, so we'll set up regular visits and make recommendations to achieve a healthy network environment. 

Interested in managed IT services?

How does Ascendant take control of our IT needs?

All of these services are covered at no extra charge with our managed IT service plan.

Remote Support Desk :

When your staff run into computer issues, what support resource do they have to resolve their issues and get back to work? A quick call or email to Ascendant’s support desk gets you in touch with a support desk specialist FAST.  Ascendant's team will troubleshoot issues until the job is done.  Is the printer not working?  Your desktop is running slow? The WiFi isn't connecting?  Seeing the same application issue over and over? We cover everything you can think of at no additional cost under our flat-rate IT management and support plans.  


Server and Desktop Management :

 Along with remote support desk we offer server and desktop management.  Ascendant will install a non-intrusive software agent that will monitor your system, 24x7.  This software will proactively alert us of any underlying issues such as running out of storage, out of date antivirus software, security patching, malware protection as well as inventory and asset tracking.  This is offered for all your devices including server, desktops and laptops.

Professional Server Maintenance :

 Your server is not a toaster.  You can't take it out of the box and let it just run indefinitely.   Modern servers are a complex combination of hardware and software.  Many small and medium businesses rely on their server for mail, file sharing and business applications. To insure these servers continue to run, It's vital they’re properly maintained.  Ascendant's IT management framework will monitor server health, patching, scripts, and storage, 24x7 so you won't have too!


Cloud Services :

The almighty cloud.  You've probably heard plenty about the cloud.  "It’s the next big thing".  The benefits of having data stored in the cloud gives you the confidence files/applications/mail are available when you need them.  You also minimize the risk of hardware failure and the need for constant updates.  Ascendant takes your routine system maintenance, updates and security to the cloud where we continue to save your company, time and money.

System Security :

 Everything is running fine, now let’s keep it that way.  All hardware is up and running, employees are productive, life is good!  Until a hacker says otherwise.  Ascendant locks down your business IT infrastructure with common sense, USABLE network security. No business grade firewall?  NO WAY. IT Security is a balance between usability and secure systems.  We strive to attain the perfect solution for your business without turning it into Area 51.  Ascendant runs advanced, best in class security solutions to ensure a secure system and mitigate common risks. 

Most small & medium business's don't have the budget for an full time IT manager.

Ascendant has you covered.

Having a full time employee dedicated to IT is costly.  The reality is, companies cannot afford to mismanage their business computers and network.  Researching, finding the best new hardware & software, implementing the hardware and managing the systems, small businesses have their work cut out for them! While all this is going on, 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small business" - SmallBizTrends.  Yes, not only do you have to implement everything correctly, you need to protect your investment with regular, expert systems management while educating your staff on cyber-security risks.  It can be a lot of work!

Trying to do all of this on your own is not worth the distraction, downtime, and aggravation.  Ascendant makes things easy.  We will manage your IT for your entire company, for a single, flat rate monthly cost.  Our rates are a small fraction of the cost to employ a full-time IT member.  When you sign up for Ascendant’s managed IT services, you don’t get one IT consultant, you get multiple experts from our team who are familiar with your business to take the IT headaches and worry away.  

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